Friday, 14 December 2012


So I thought I'd do a tutorial for yesterday's nails, it's really easy to do and you can use any colours you want

What you will need 
Base coat
2 different colour polishes ( I used red and white you can use any colour)
A needle/orange wood stick or anything pointy you can find (I forgot to include it in the photo)

STEP 1 - apply your base coat 

STEP 2 - paint on your base colour, paint on a thickish coat and one coater polishes are probably best for this

STEP 3 - While the base colour is still wet, dot on your other polish randomly on the nail, work quickly!

STEP 4 -  Using your pin/needle/orange wood stick, start to swirl the colours around, don't be too hard because you'll end up taking the base colour away too

Ta daa, there you go ! 

Hope this helped you guys, it's my first tutorial so be kind but please leave feedback so I can improve them :) 
I've added a tutorials tab at the top so you'll be able to find this there 
I'll probably be back with another post for you tonight, so take care till then 

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  1. looks great! :) I do video tutorials but Ive been thinkin of the picture ones also !! :)

    1. Thankyou, well I've been meaning to try video tutorials but I just didn't have time, after my exams I'll definitely try it out, any tips would be greatly appreciated :)


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